The Complete-Careers Team has over 100 years combined experience in supporting individuals and organisations to plan their career development and manage transitions. The team comprises a wealth of knowledge up to Masters level in Career Development as well as in teaching and assessing. We provide bespoke courses, training and continuous professional development programmes to meet your needs. These can range from working with a small delivery team, to whole staff training of 200 plus members of staff. Sessions’ content and methodology are designed to meet need and duration can range from a short introduction 45/60 mins to a programme of training days over an extended period.

Please contact our CPD Manager, Jo Welch on admin@complete-careers.com for further information about any of the above courses/CPD sessions or to discuss your organisation’s training or consultancy needs.  

We can provide bespoke CPD sessions directly to learning providers and through hubs to careers leaders, enterprise advisors and co-ordinators. Previously we have delivered CPD related to topics such as: