A Bonkers Cheese Quiz with MP John Hayes!

We recently attended a fantastic presentation ceremony at The Deepings School in Lincolnshire to recognise their achievement of gaining their PLATINUM Quality in Careers Standard with Career Mark and Complete Careers. You can read more about that event here.

If you would like to find out more about how you can achieve the Quality in Careers Standard with Career Mark, please do contact us.

It was a wonderful morning and we were very pleased that John Hayes the South Holland MP was able to join us to present the award.  After the ceremony, there was time for a question and discussion session with myself, staff, learners and Mr Hayes. An excellent opportunity for a local MP to not only see the wonderful work that The Deepings School have been doing in terms of their career provision but also for the students to learn about the Career of a local Politician, something he had wanted to do from the age of 7.

During the session, we presented Mr Hayes with his very own copy of the Bonkers Book of Jobs! Afterwards, keen to take a look, Mr Hayes led a quiz for learners and decided on a quiz about cheese types and how many there are in the UK and France, this is from the Cheese Maker Profile in the book.  It was a wonderful, fun way to end a great morning and shows the versatility of the Bonkers Book of Jobs at its best!






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