Introducing Career Mark 7

Complete – Careers LLP –launches Career Mark 7 Complete-Careers one of only 11 providers (1 of 3 nationally available) of the national Quality in Careers Standard have now launched Career Mark 7.

Career Mark 7 has updated criteria in response to the Government’s Career Strategy (Dec 2017) and Statutory Guidance (Jan 2018). Career Mark 7 builds on the reputation of previous versions and is now fully compatible with the Gatsby Benchmarks as well as including Gatsby Plus best practice.

The new Career Mark 7 standards include numerous links to examples of good practice. There is also improved guidance to help members achieve and retain the award. A new streamlined process maintains the rigour of Career Mark’s reputation and the website is being refreshed and updated.

Providers currently working toward the present Career Mark 6a standards can continue to be assessed against these standards up until the end of December 2018. Providers who have started work towards the current standards but feel they won’t be ready for assessment by December can use our Career Mark 7 – 6a conversion standards. The conversion standards make it clear where we have made (minimal) changes to the 6a standards to align fully with the Gatsby Benchmarks.

In line with the Quality in Careers Standard requirements Career Mark will have three possible assessment outcomes in Career Mark 7

  1. Deferral – insufficient evidence against the criteria
  2. 'Making Good Progress’ robust systems in place to meet all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of 2020 as well as meeting further Career Mark criteria
  3. Fully meeting all the accreditation criteria including the Gatsby Benchmarks

Career Mark would like to make it clear that outcomes 2 and 3 above are successful outcomes and are both causes for celebration. Each organisation achieving these outcomes will gain a plaque and certificate to share their achievement with their learners, parents and families and the broader community. Outcome two above is aligned with the transition two year period between now and the end of 2020 when learning providers are expected to fully meet all eight Gatsby Benchmarks. It is expected that outcome two above will be removed in January 2021.

Aware of the pressures on education providers the Career Mark team has come up with some additional incentives to encourage and retain awards holders in its new development strategy. Along with the standard developments, we have introduced free Career Mark workshops and webinars for all members and award holders to help them achieve and maintain the Quality in Careers Standard award. Career Mark also wants to re-engage previous award holders and members and will offer them incentives to return to the Career Mark family.

We recently received the following thank you for all the support you have given the school, staff and myself during my headship - it has been invaluable.

Complete-Careers LLP is also pleased to announce following the successful pilot of Career Mark Primary in 2017 that this is now available to all primaries. This award is targeted at Primary schools and is now available countrywide, providing an opportunity for pupils aged 9-11 or younger to learn about the world of work and employability. To help make this a fun and stimulating activity two of the Complete Careers Partners John Ambrose and Mark Wilkinson have written a book aged at young learners called the Bonkers book of Jobs which was launched in May 2018.

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